What are the best SEO automation tools in 2019?

This is part 1 of 2 on SEO Automation tools 2019. The next post will feature how to use Hubspot, IFTTT and Marketo.

The amount of SEO automation tools and platforms have popped up like mushrooms in the last few years and the Companies developing them often have a very aggressive sale strategy. I get daily unsolicited emails about SEO Tools, People add me on LinkedIn daily just to pitch me aggressively with a generic boilerplate sales pitch about an SEO tool that guarantees unprecedented success in SEO and will do all SEO for me. If you start your conversation with that you are begging to the reported for spam. I accepted you as a person to network with, not to buy a timeshare from.

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SEO is hard work and there is no magic tool that solves all your problems and ranks your site for you. You gotta put in the time and effort to get good results. There are however tools that can help you automate or help speed up your SEO insights and implementations. You must work through the steps of the SEO process. it took me years and years to really learn SEO and to see the bigger picture. I am not a stubborn person that refuses to adopt new great tools and I try to get trials for new tools and techniques when I have time.

Google Search Console is an absolute must for any serious SEO campaign.

I am very analytical and I need to see the value of a tool and compare it to the technique I’m using for different specific tasks. The one solution fits all tools for solving all your SEO tasks has become better and better but you will have to settle for good rather than great SEO. That can at times be justified if you are handling gigantic campaigns on very authoritive domains, other times it’s not. For anyone new starting out in the SEO industry, I would recommend that you learn the basics and what impact each task, as tedious as it might have on your results and SEO outcome

Here are the Top 112 tools and techniques that I use and recommend for SEO automation in 2019:

  • SEMRush is the best and most affordable tool that does A LOT. It has great traffic estimation features and keyword research tools as well as reporting and ad spends. The numbers and estimations of traffic are often very close to Google Analytics
  • Ahrefs is the best link audit tool out there. It has some great features for technical SEO issues and comparison tools where you can see what links your competitors have. Ahrefs does have a “social listening” tool but it’s not very accurate
  • Screaming Frog Crawling spider This is a classic tool to emulate a Web scrape and see a site save a site as a Search engine crawler. It is a great tool for technical On Page SEO, to evaluate a websites SEO health and is a must to find dead links and 404 pages. You can export advanced reports to Microsoft Excel with all metrics.
  • Excel definitely is a great tool for everything and anything. Pivot tables, concatenations and formulas. I also use it to save titles error codes
  • Google Trends This is a good tool to find interesting and trending topics. It is a great tool to use to find topics for your blog
  • ProRanktracker.com Even though ranking for individual keywords have lost a bit of it’s important to long tail and combinations and semantically related keywords it is still important to see where your website is heading in the rankings. You can create keyword groups and add alerts. You also get Search volume/month for keywords
  • Google keyword suggestion tool for Google Ads This is the Google Ads tool. Google has made it harder to use and require a running AdWords campaign but it’s still the most accurate Keyword research tool
  • Majestic.com Majestic is a link monitoring tool. It gives a different result than the previously mentioned Ahrefs. For domain purchases and SEO strength, the Majestic Trustflow is industry standard since Google abandoned the Pagerank system.
  • Google Analytics This is the bread and butter of performance, get traffic, live traffic and connect it to Google Search Console to get the keywords that drive organic traffic to your website.
  • Google Data Studio This is an absolute must to create beautiful reports to present to clients or management
  • Google Search Console This is the “motor” of your Google presence. This is where you control your Google presence, submit sitemaps, communicate with Google and get error messages from Google or Penalty and you can submit pages and resubmit them
  • WordPress and Yoast SEO WordPress is undoubtly the most SEO friendly CMS for SEO, it might not be the best CMS for an e-commerce site but with tools like Yoast SEO you can automate alot of the title and URL structure.

So this rather comprehensive list is preferred toolbox for SEO automation as of April 2019. I do use a lot of other tools and techniques and I will create another blogpost on how you can use Hubspot, IFTT, Marketo. I can recommend this blogpost on SEO automation where SearchEngineJournal has divided the tasks of SEO into 4 subgroups:

  • Tools for SEO Analysis and Onpage SEO
  • Automating Link Outreach
  • Tools for Keyword ans Backlink monitoring
  • Tips on how to automate your Social sharing

I hope this post has helped and please take a look at the tools listed if you aren’t familiar with them. They will make your life easier and help you with SEO Automation tools 2019.

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