Are you preaching management the importance of Voice SEO? Good. if all else is perfect

In an article in magazine Forbes by Guest writer Gabriel Shaoolian on the 27th of December where he wrote an article that called “Why Voice Search Will Dominate SEO In 2019 and how you can capitalize on it”. In the article that isn’t bad Shaoolian talks about how the amount of Voice searches has increased to 1 BILLION SEARCHES PER MONTH. That is a lot you think, but by putting this into perspective vs regular Google Searches per month puts Voice Search as the errors and traffic I get on a monthly basis.”Google receives 40.000 Searches PER SECOND which translates to over 3.5 billion Google searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year.

Are you preaching management the importance of Voice SEO? Good. if all else is perfect 1

A quick very broad Search comparison is to take this billion Voice searches and compare them to Google: 105 Billion per month, if we include 10 Billion Searches on Bing/month, ~ 10 Billion Searches on Yahoo and 90 Billion searches on YouTube/month gives us an approximated 210 Billion Searches per month.

Shaoolian also uses rather strong statements about Voice Search and how it will grow exponentially as if it was on steroids and 10 years time but in one, Shaoolian states that “Voice search drastically improves user experience – and because of that, by the year 2020, half of all online searches will be made through voice search.” without referring to any credible source. Truth is that this 50% of searches will be something that I have heard at least 50 times in 2018 even by blogs that I normally respect for their insightful posts,, Wordstream writes a good SEO blog, Forbes,

Alexa is owned by Amazon and you shop at Amazon. The price awareness and savings with coupons etc might slow down the need to purchase items with voice. We just don’t want the goods in 1 day. We want the cheapest price possible of a certain product.

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TheNextweb has pumped this all 2018.

If you remeber, Google released Voice in 2008 and said with certainty that by 2016, 25% of all searches on Google will be made by voice. Now it’s 2019 and 0.5% of all searches are done with voice. In reality, ONLY 0.5% of all searches in January 2019 were made by voice. It would be a sensation if that raised to 50% in less than a year.

The good thing about the future is that no one knows what will happen and I think that these type of theories are clickbait or serve as blog filler for Content marketers that has run out of steam. This really stupid prediction is so widespread that people have forgotten where this rumor comes from. It is often related to a study by Comscore but it’s actually an assumption from 2014 by Andrew Ng, then Chief Scientist at Chinese Search Engine Baidu. There are also a lot of studies from Gartner and other research and insights firms but they are mostly referring to the number of devices sold, how many American that own an Alexa, Siri or Similar etc.

Are you preaching management the importance of Voice SEO? Good. if all else is perfect 2

A lot of guides on Voice SEO has emerged. I have worked with maybe a dozen enterprises >5.000 employees and I have yet to see the need for voice search. That somebody writes SEO guides on how to take this opportunity and publishing articles like “This is how you write for Voice Search” with stupid tips like “Write as you talk” and other articles giving the small business owners a sense of urgency and need to optimize for Voice. To these business owners, I can only say: Chill out! Voice search is not the best invention since sliced bread.

Focus on Your organic SEO Strategy

How much unbranded traffic are you getting from the Search-engines today from normal search. Are you targeting the right keywords, is your site built in complaint with Google’s guidelines. Do you rank for your top areas of business locally? If the answer is no to any of these questions.

Build out your Video SEO strategy

Have you ever wanted to buy a product and have you ever compared competing products on YouTube and on the Web on review sites. Insivia shows in this article that more than 50% of the customers buying technical gadgets over $30 dollar look both at best price and check out reviews on Youtube. Youtube SEO is something that I do and I’d gladly help you on some tricks on how to optimize your videos. Videos are “real use and you see the product in action. If a competitor ranks with a video “My product vs your product” they will make a video in favor of their product. So my advice is. don’t wait for the future or what might happen. Optimize your website for the present.

85% of the websites I work with has at least 10 major issues with On Page SEO so take care of that first. When you rank in the top you have probably forgotten about Voice SEO or if you haven’t and already have the perfect site, just then think about Video SEO


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