SEO tip: Visualize your website!

I was inspired by this large comparison test somebody posted here on LinkedIn so I decided to create a small page graph over my website As you can see the structure of the site is relatively flat, and there are few clicks to each end node. Worth mentioning is the structure of 1 LARGE node for homepage and About us etc. Another LARGE Node for SEO services which is the services I provide and the third is BLOG where I try to post somewhat relevant content now and then.

SEO Company Miami taxonomy Visualized

A good thing with a visual audit like this is the opportunity to get a good image on what your website looks like to Search Engine Crawlers. How many clicks it takes to reach a certain page and to identify image names, page names that could be better. I found some image names and page types that needed to be updated. Note that the website only has 152 nodes (pages) and most importantly for SEO, has a good website taxonomy. How does your website look?

This site was TOP performing both in Google Local (still is) and it ranked #1-3 for organic results for “SEO expert Miami” “SEO Miami” “SEO Company Miami”. The website has slid down a little bit down on the scale due to lack of outreach and new content since my job left my soul soaked and spilled with other websites. I know that these keywords have a rather large “Search Volume” and that they are “Converting well into SEO leads“. I will get this website into the top 3 for both “SEO Company Miami” and “SEO Expert Miami” 14th and 4th position today respectively. They both rank in the snack pack for local searches. I am setting a challenge to myself. I will through whitehat SEO get these 2 phrases not just kept in the Snackpack but into the TOP 3 for “SEO expert Miami” “SEO Company Miami” and simply “SEO Miami”.

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