6 months after Fred

We are now a little more than 6 months away since Google released the unofficial algorithmic update nicknamed Fred on March 7th. In all honesty we here at SEO Experts Miami haven’t really seen much impact on client websites but from discussions with friends running affiliate business it has been a hard couple of months. A longtime friend that works as Head of SEO Marketing at X——givehimthat.com has suffered major ranking decreases.

So if you’re not already a client with us what are some of the survival basics against Fred?

  1. Keep track of your websites traffic daily, sources, organic etc
  2. Try to limit the pages on your site that are ad-heavy or has alot of Affiliate offers
  3. Make sure you don’t have any thing content. If you do; try to add text
  4. Make sure you are visible in Local Search, Make sure your NAP is consistent
  5. Get rid off/ Disavow any toxic backlinks

Apart from that. Pray 🙂

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