Link Metric Evaluation 101

SEO metric evaluationWhat is a good link? Where do you want to be listed to get the Local SEO rankings you deserve? Why don’t your link building efforts work? You might be listing your website in the wrong places?

In this Friday Fun SEO blog post I touch how you can quickly and easily etermine a website’s SEO Authority.

The number and authority of  the websites referring to you is still a major ranking factor in SEO.

The 3 big SEO tools I use are MOZ Domain Authority/ Majestic Trust Flow or’s Link Authority.

More important is 

  • The site is real and not built for link building.
  • The site have natural organic traffic and rank in the top 100 for any keywords related in your niche?

You can certainly dig in to a domain for hours checking metrics, positions etc but here are some of the steps that are absolutely essential. I normally use the same key indicators when I evaluate domain names website for sale or just estimating a SEO organic value of a domain.

The basic steps I recommend:

  1. Does the domain have an established DA/TrustFlow? Check quickly for free at
  2. Does the website name include related keywords to what your website is about? If the answer is yes that is good.
  3. Is the domain name a .com/.org or .net or .co? Make sure it is and not foreign TLD (, .in, .ru etc) or a (.info, .biz or other TLD)
  4. Is the language on the domain all in English?
  5. Does the domain name contain keywords that are totally unrelated or feel totally unrelated? (When I look for potential links for a travel website the domains I want a link from normally does not normally include “…runningshoes”,”…” etc
  6. Test the domain in and with .
    1. Does the website have a solid history of at least 3 years?
    2. Was it ever dropped in this time frame?
  7. Enter the domain into
    1. What does the backlinks to this domain look like?
    2. What sites are linking to the domain? Anything you recognize?
    3. What is the keyword spread on these links?
    4. Does this link profile look fabricated? Make sure that not all links were built in the last 2 months (This implies that the site is fabricated for the sole purpose of link selling)
    5. Navigate to the domain and take a good look around. Does everything look and feel like a regular site?
    6. Does the domain have any obvious warning signs or something that feels unnatural (obviously subjective but make sure the site does not includes articles around very various topics, following a pattern, has ’do follow’ links to different websites)
  8. What websites are the top dogs in your niche?
  9. If several competitors do, it normally implies that it is a strong website where we want a link
  10. Enter the domain into
    1. Does it look like the domain have organic traffic?
    2. Does the traffic to the site stem mainly from and not mainly from ( or other Google TLDs)
    3. Does the domain rank for related keywords? Normally a sign that it is a very strong domain? Does it rank at all?

You can by utilizing 3rd party tools have available and with jsut a little common sense get a very good very good insight in the strength of a link.


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