SEO for attorneys Miami launched and 3 other digital project launches

I had a productive night yesterday when I finally got down to the nitty gritty of moving over sites from old seo hosting accounts and a hostgator account that failed me and had 50% downtime (I’m not joking). One of my old affiliate projects was lifted over.

I’ve owned a bunch of fitness/supplement sites. but I lost interest and have just let the domains go. So the task at hand is to see if which domains in the niche I want to keep and maintain. I have a meeting tomorrow regarding my main site.

It was SEO optimized to rank #5 for 2-3 of the main keywords for a while but I will be talking to a content expert that has a team and potentially can we do something together. Either way, the page needs a big facelift, regular updates, moderation and fresh good articles on fitness.

employment law Miami FloridaA site I finally started working on was for attorney Tara Faenza and I created a skeleton with popups that came out pretty nice. Take a look guys and give me some feedback.

SEO for lawyers is an interesting field. I am looking into it more.

There is a lot of legislation with marketing for attorneys and it is very risky to use review sites since attorneys here in the US often work on cases they believe in and does not take a charge for starting the work. When a person is seeking legal help he or she can have claims or a view of how things happened in a certain situation; more than seldom blaming the attorney and writing up nasty reviews without any ground etc.

keto desserts

Another site I got around to start working on was Ketowaffles, a site featuring low carb dessert recipies. The first a tribute and recipes to yummy and ketogenic (low sugar) waffles, cakes and good stuff. It is more of a hobby site since it is a lifestyle I started about 3 years ago. To be in and to put your body into a ketogenic state it is necessary to consume a diet of less than 20g of sugar/day. Sounds crazy but please check out the site where you will get more information.

I’m also building a 5K run site for Miami and a community site and marketing site SEO Vikings in Miami.  Lots of projects coming and underway!




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