Leaving the subzero degrees and the anything goes SPAM SEO of Google.se

I’m currently travelling back to Miami after a well needed “rest” from the daily SEO grind in Miami. Like every year all clients playing with OPM (employees at larger enterprises working with Marketing budget and Other People’s Money) I had a rough last week in December since everyone woke up and wanted to deploy SEO strategies (both Miami and National corporations) presented to them months in advance.

I  have tried to not actively work on anything new and cutting edge for clients but have tried to act as a pillar, aswering questions and supporting already laid out SEO strategies.

In this business it’s key to always keep an eye on trends and massive ups and downs in traffic and if you have a major SEO drop: ACT!!!!

Search engine traffic always seem to be quite calm over Christmas/New Years Eve and Google always seem to spare us SEO’s  major Algorithmic updates so no major to put out.

Overall, organic Search traffic has been increasing across the board for my clients.

Pages, Onpage SEO like headers/titles and meta-tags have been indexed as always

I have therefore finally had some time to take a deeper look into a few rather new occurrences that has been rolled out by Google the last months.I have also reated more “word” by looking into a few other things I have seen but just haven’t had time to dig deeper into.

  1. Impact of Google’s new and longer Meta Descriptions in the Search  Engine result pages (Google started allowing 325 character Meta-descriptions on Dec. 20th)
  2. I have tested different techniques to totally speed up load times and I even had time to write a blog post on page speed
  3. I have tested Local Miami SEO search queries on Google.com from Sweden and found some rather spammy sites that show up in Sweden but does not when Searching in Miami via a VPN. There are a few sites that show for “SEO Orlando”, “Travel Sri Lanka” and other terms.
  4. I have been meaning to write a longer post called “Affiliate SEO and Crypto currency Trading” and have gathered information on this subject. If you haven’t lived in a bubble the last year I’m sure that you have noticed the rise and extreme hype that has been surrounding crytptocurrencies recently. Cryptocurrencies has become extremely popular and many hobby investors has put in A LOT of money in a market that has raised 1000%’s in just months. Many exchanges are sketchy and has markups of >10% for a simple USD ->BTC exchange. Since I a few years ago worked as the Head of Search for a number of affiliate Forex Trading sites I know that there is big money in just referrals and I would like to point out. Since the cryptocurrency isn’t something that Google has banned from PPC and Adwords it would also be interesting to see PPC statistics on this so if someone is sitting on some information on costs per click here it would be interesting to see. I bought my first Bitcoin about 6 years ago and it costed me $130. Looking at $19,000.00/ per bitcoin before Christmas gave me goosebumps: Not that I wanted to get into Forex trading. If there was something I learned in 1999-2000 was that I’m not a Stock trader and through work I have tried Forex trading. It is hard and to me a gamble. I don’t know Technical Analysis and I doubt that the majority of these new investors have any formal education in economy.

SO SEO 2018:

  • The longer Google meta descriptions has not to my knowledge changed he rankings or played a role in where Google ranks websites. Any savvy SEO understand that the longer the description, the better is your chance to describe a business and take up more real estate on the page where the site is ranking = A higher CTR = More clicks.
  • Another interesting thing happened in early December when Google opened up more keywords in the “Google Search Console” giving the SEO community hope that we can further see long tail keywords that has lead to a click to your website.
  • I wrote a post on SEO for attorneys that got a massive clickbump from longtail keywords. Given that phrases such as “Personal Injury attorney Miami” costed over $130/click when I wrote “expensive keywords for attorneys” this comes as no surprise.

I have for the last few years been a big advocate on page-speed and page loading times. I have experimented with cache, cache times, CDn:s, Imge sizes and html compression. This portfolio site launched less then a year ago as a forum. The portfolio serves as my own platform where I in a humble way can share my thoughts on today’s SEO landscape. A nice bonus is that it’s already ranking in top positions for “SEO expert Miami”, “Miami SEO company” etc etc. This I take as proof of that my theories and that I practice what I preach is true. Ask yourself; Would you rather follow the herd and get mediocre results OR reason and come up with an SEO solution tailored for you. SEO is not an Industrial “One Size fits all” marketing but an art that requires Insight, Experience Curiosity and Know-How.

To be the best SEO company Miami or the World I love a slogan from the Flintstone era: Think outside the box 🙂 or even better, a Swedish expression translated into something like “Hurry! But slowly”

With that I wish you all a successful year whether you day-trade bitcoins, work in SEO or just invest in SEO!

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