How to prepare for the Google July update

It might not be the latest news that Google has announced that they will roll out an update affecting ranking in July this summer. This update has been called “The July update” and will affect mobile search results and Pagespeed. Google will prioritize pages that have good mobile SEO, not OnPage but how quick your site loads.

So how is your mobile site? First off all. Is your page mobile friendly?
Google will look at the following tools to determine the pagespeed

1. Google PageSpeed Insights (Pagespeed Mobile)
2. Chrome user experience report
3. Lighthouse test speed.

Lighthouse is a tool to check indept loading time. I also use to check speed load times.

So how do you avoid getting penalized this summer?

One thing you can do even without thorough programming/developer skills is to installed the plugin AMP for wordpress. AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages and is a great little tool to really speed up your mobile site.

Make sure your images are compressed, make sure that your JS and CSS is optimized and doesn’t contain any duplicates or odd code.

Enable GZIP for your site.

More to come but follow the steps above for a good start in your preparations.

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