Halloween and Expensive Adwords for Attorney SEO

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I hope everyone has a great Holiday. Myself am working. A bit behind on a project, so mapping out a Law Firm’s sitemap and trying to do keyword research research. For me this is relaxation and a bonus is that I don’t want to piss off an influential criminal attorney.

SEO for Attorneys is hard, the competition is steep but to get these sweet top positions for any attorney in Miami is Gold.

I just checked the. estimate from Google Keywordplanner for some of the keywords and they are well over $40/click. I think we will get this site up where it belongs if not easy; at least without breaking a sweat.

I got my top guy working on a design and we be building this website from ground up in WordPress. I’ll be using DIVI theme for this project. Very Customizable and can be VERY fast.

Something that many SEO’s fail to acknowledge is the important of page-speed or load time. Nowadays not so much because of users on 28.8 Modems clicking back but because of Google. I did a test about a year ago where I had two sites. Both brand new and no funky link-history or spammed from Archive.org.a b test

I built one of the sites with all the bling and pictures ETC and didn’t pay attention to compressing and optimizing the content. The domains were equal and the keyword I was going for was a long tail with low competition.

The other site I built super minimalistic with all the relevant content and a rather spartan design.

I did not add any backlinks but I added both sites to Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools.

Within 2 weeks the second site was ranking steady on the first page for the keyword and the Blingy site was nowhere to be found (page 5 or 6)

Since many factors can play in this can not be seen as a clinical experiment but it gave more info about something I have been thinking of for years.

The most important ranking factors 2017 are:
Header, Title, Relevant Content or the amount of content, Pagespeed and authoritive links.

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