Google. What the hell have you done?

You might have heard about Google’s campaign “The dots don’t count”. It is probably one of the biggest security risks I have heard of in a while. The concept of Google’s new smart algorithm dealing with mail is the following: If somebody by mistake add my gmail adress as . No matter how many odd dots you add you will receive the email to

When I first heard about this I thought it was a smart idea. The problem is that somebody very easily can send you a phishing mail from any service. Let’s say I get a notification to my gmail that a payment didn’t go through for let’s say Someone can register an account with, the invoice if they don’t pay goes to me. Ahrefs does count the dot. So they will send an email out to for a payment. I get the email to and risk is pretty big I go there and at least take a look to update my credit card.

I have read and seen quite a few examples of people paying for others Netflix, Amazon or whatever. Very risky if you don’t triple check all correspondence. So just a heads up. Keep your eyes open to your, then check again before you use your credit card until google has solved this issue.


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