How to Google better; Search Operators!

So what are Search operators. Simply put they are a set . of commands the limit extend or set certain criteria so that you can search like a real SEO expert.

Search operators are great when you perform SEO audits of a website and I often use them together with software such as Scrapebox to find websites for link outreach. You can use the search operator in the Google Search field:

Here are some basic Search operators

I. Basic Search Operators
“tobias gillberg”
Will give you the exact match of the keywords inside “”

OR seo expert miami OR best tobias in SEO
It can sometimes be useful to have the operator OR.instead of.

– athlete -redneck
The minus (-) can be used in front of a term to exclude it from a search.

* tobias “SEO * Digital
An asterisk (*) acts as a wild-card and will match on any word.

#..# Scrapebox2 announcement 2015..2017
Use (..) with numbers to match a publishing date with the range 2015-2017

$ Samsung TV $799
Searches for prices in $ dollars, add (.) for exact prices, like $19.99.

Here are some other operators, a bit more advanced but helpful

To use these parameters you must input more info but they give a more drilled down result:

intitle:”seo vs sem”
Search only for pages that matches the phrase “seo vs sem” in the title

allintitle: tesla vs edison
Search the page title for every individual term following “allintitle:”. Same as multiple intitle:’s.

Inurl: “SEO”
Look for a word in the URL Great if your are looking for a particlar type of domains inurl:seoagency as an example

intext:”orbi vs eero vs google wifi”
Search for a word or phrase (in quotes), but only in the body/document text.

filetype: “seo theory” filetype:pdf
Match a file type like PDF , DOC etc
Will return results with websites similar to

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