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Double Trouble SEO. I reached the top for both SEO Expert Miami in Organic Search and top of the snack pack this weekend.  While it’s not the best keyword for Searches/Month, it is ultra targeted: People that search it and land on my page already know what they are looking for. SEO Expert Miami has a  a broad match Search Volume/month of 110.

Keywords like “Miami SEO”,”What is SEO?” etc have a higher search volume BUT they do not deliver ultra targeted traffic and at the end of the day: We all want converting visitors. Not just webtraffic. Many times this is is something that you need to explain to a client. It’s as simple as 2 questions; Do you want traffic? or Do you want clients?

I’m sick and tired of “SEO Experts” that promise rankings on to broad keywords for peanuts. They talk some talk and know something about SEO BUT SEO is BIG and I understand that the price many times might seem high but given that I have worked in SEO for 11 years, a masters degree in computer science and have worked in basically all niches there are I DO have a few tips for you guys that are serious about investing in SEO as part of a digital strategy. SEO is really about spending and tending to a website. Sure, you have a fancy website built by an even fancier Media Agency but What next?

If you read my blog you understand that SEO isn’t some “magic Search powder” spread on your site.

It’s hard work, then even harder work. I have never seen Search marketing failure if you treat SEO for what it is; the foundation of every digital marketing strategy.

Is your site loading as fast as humanly possible after you have gotten it from your Dev ? Is your site targeting the correct keywords? Is everything SEO in place? If the answer is No or you don’t know SEO. Fine! you will have to let someone do the SEO for you. If you don’t have that person on staff you’ll have to outsource. In a coming post I will go through the list of competence such a SEO Company or SEO Expert will have to show you.

There is never just ONE person that can do everything. Personally I am very good at seeing the overview and making sure that all is top notch from an SEO perspective. Does that mean I’m the elegant copywriter or the Designer? . It does not. If you get a proposal for “SEO” for <$500 a month: Don’t take it unless you are the corner shop selling Platano Milkshakes. Listen to suggestions and speak with SEO’s. If it sounds to good. It is! be very picky when choosing your SEO company.

so back to Double Trouble SEO: YES! the term “SEO Expert Miami” is long-tail BUT the visitors coming to your website using this phrase are already qualified and know what they are looking for! This is important and something I always bring up with clients. If the keyword does not convert, it’s pointless ranking for it. One good thing with a site that ranks for high volume keywords is that they already have a strong SEO value and often it’s possible to funnel that traffic to easier and higher converting keywords.

Meanwhile content creation is ongoing on this site to present all services. Off page SEO is important but always make sure that the foundation of your website is awesome if you want to do SEO: You will save a lot of money if the HTML is following Google’s best SEO practices. When i say “On-Page SEO” I refer to all initiatives you do with your domain: headers , alt-tags, schema markup, content, site load speed. All these small parts add up and will help you for a lot less money spent than a better off-site SEO: links, citations etc.

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