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Miami and Fort Lauderdale equals luxury cars. The market in the area for expensive transportation is huge in the area and the need for bling seems unstoppable. We have the honor to work with the guys over at ExoticCarTrader.

Exoticcartrader.com is a shop up in FLL that does luxury car consignments. Sell their own vehicles and they do a lot of custom builds. Thanks to David, Blake and the guys over ECT for their confidence in SEO Experts Miami


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Carlisty is a company that are really good at what they do. They provide state of the art Marketing solutions for the Automotive Social Media niche. They did have a lacking SEO and content strategy and that’s what we do so a perfect match. We optimized and acquired a line of local pages to boost the organic traffic looking for. We are creating a case study on this agency and it will be published in our blog