5 Myths about SEO explained

1. Seeing SEO as a project

Many organizations look at SEO as a project: with a clear start and end. SEO is often not prioritized once a company has reached OK visbility. In my work as an SEO consultant one most common scenarios I see is: A company is launching a new site .They want to keep their rankings and they know that SEO has impact on their organic traffic. They hire me to migrate the site without traffic loss. SEO is an ongoing process. It has no start or end. It is an ongoing process and the SEO should always be taken into consideration.

2. SEO is free

If you hire an SEO expert or SEO Company he will carge you from $60-200 dollars per hour. Other costs include content or articles on your website. You need copywriters and you need the SEO knowledge to produce content. If you ask any SEO what tools he uses it will most likely add up to a few hundred dollars in keyword, competitions and link tools

3. SEO is about manipulating the Search Engines

No. SEO is not about secret tricks to fool the search engine. SEO is about giving users a great user experience, present them with relevant content and make sure that your web visitors has a good user experience

4. The amount of pages makes you rank better

When Google’s algorithm was less advanced people wrote hundreds of articles using different grammar/plural/singular to cover all possible search phrases. It is important what you show your visitors and that the content in relevant. Write for human readers. Map out your business, Do your keyword research. Remap your website. This should give you a good sitemap on what content you want on your website and why.

5. SEO is about the ranking on certain keywords.

Just last week I had to deal with a client that had been promised ranking for 7 specific keyphrases. This was a common “Guarantee” that we gave clients: 12 YEARS AGO. Most of your organic traffic come from long-tail keywords and variations of these. SEO is about the traffic you bring through Organic Search. Not that #1 Vanity ranking. See our SEO services.



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